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Interdisciplinary Institute of Continuing Education

Purpose of IICO - expansion of the integration of education, science and production, more efficient use of scientific and pedagogical potential of mining university, vocational guidance of youth, the organizationtraining and professional development, study and use of international experience in organizing a system of continuous education.

Site Interbranch Institute of Continuing Education

IICO offers educational services on a contract basis, you can get without leaving the main place of work or study:

Evening education

Twice a week (on weekdays from 17:35 to 20: 25, and Saturday from 9:35 to 15:50) for 4 years of education and qualification level of Bachelor or within 5 years of education and qualification level Specialist (Master).

Institute preparation

On Saturday (from 8:40 to 16:00), evening (from 16:40 to 19:30) and Saturday-evening form of training while learning at school.

Provide ability to perform additional tasks and duties within their specialty.

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