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Recently economically developed countries in its development strategies have to rely on education, including - adult education. The main aims and objectives of educational policy of Ukraine are defined in the National Doctrine of Education Development. Its main purpose is to create a mechanism for compliance needs of the individual, society and state. Among the fundamental principles of the Bologna process is the formation of joint educational and research space across Europe, occupies a special place continuing education, which creates favorable conditions for development of each person, prolonging its active life, and maximum effective utilization of human experience and intelligence software equal opportunities for faculty quality of life. These principles are successfully implemented Interdisciplinary Institute of Continuing Education (MIBO) NSU since 1995. The main goal is to provide organizational cohesion and the relationship between all links of continuing education that meets human desire for self-education and development throughout its life.

Graduate Education was the main focus of the idea of lifelong learning media. This is where the problems of modern education were particularly acute. It is important to see that this area is not conventional extension of the existing education system, additional add-on it, aimed to compensate the shortcomings of formal education, but is a special industry, with special relationships the participants of the educational process, special educational incentives to adults who combine study with work . Now adult education, including - Graduate Education, became a separate, independent branch in the life of human society.

One of the areas of postgraduate education in MIBO NSU is Organization for Professional Development . Retraining specialists is in MIBO for three-year integrated curriculum in the direction of "Economy and business" of the two specialties, "Business Economics" and " Finance. "

Education in modern conditions of society - the success of employment rights. One form of educational technologies MIBO is training professionals in the course of their professional activities. Education is carried out mainly by orders mining, and other agencies and organizations. As in previous years, MIBO cooperates with many companies and organizations. Thus, the training courses (in different directions) have been trained specialists PJSC "DTEK Pavlogradugol" LLC "Sigma-Com" Office "Donbasspetsstroy" Dnipropetrovsk regional employment center. From the beginning in 2011 conducted training management reserve of coal enterprises (SOEs "Donetsk Coal Energy Company", SE "Makeevugol", SE "Ordzhonikidzevugillya", SE "Torezantratsyt", SE "Luganskvugillia", SE "Pervomayskvugillya", OAO "Lysychanskvuhillya" , SE "Donbasantratsit", SE "Anthracite", SE "Rovenkyantratsyt", SE "Sverdlovantratsit", DP "Lvovugol" state enterprise "Volyn coal"; GOAL "mine" Hope ", SE" Krasnoarmeysk-coal ", SE" Selydivvuhillya " state enterprise "Coal Company" Krasnolimanskaya ") under the" School of the Minister. "

For further improvement of postgraduate education NSU is working to introduce innovative technologies in the learning process training and professional development. In particular, to improve methods of improving the quality of education have established multi-information-educational portal.

the agencies in the system of postgraduate education is a form promising to meet the educational needs of youth for several reasons:

- reduced social tensions caused by the inability to obtain the desired education to vulnerable populations;

- talented young people get more opportunities for employment and further career development;

- education is becoming more affordable due to lower tuition fees compared to full-time study.

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