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Graduate Education has become a major area of implementation of the idea of mass of Continuing Education. Imennoa are problems of modern education have been particularly acute. It is important to see that this area is not conventional extension of the existing education system, add-on it, designed to compensate for the shortcomings of formal education, but also acts as a special industry with a special relationship involved in the educational process, particularly the educational motivation, to adults who combine study with work . Now adult education, including - post-graduate education, it becomes a separate, independent branch in the life of human society.

system of postgraduate education NSU includes:

retraining of specialists

training (long-term training, short-term training; Course training).

Retraining of Specialists is carried out on a three-year IICO integrated curriculum in the direction of preparation, "Economics and Entrepreneurship" with two specialties, "Business Economics" and "Finance and Credit" (licensed capacity - 120 people per year). Given the extensive demands of this area IICO NSU, we can say that from the total number of students retraining approximately 88% - NSU students, 8% - students from other universities and 4% - a person with a diploma of higher education. Among the NSU students: 21% of study at the Institute of Electric Power, 31% - Mountain School, 9% - at the Faculty of Construction, 27% - on the mechanical-engineering department, 12% - on the geological survey department.

Professional Development (extension of the profile) - the acquisition of abilities to perform additional tasks and responsibilities within the profession; in the present conditions of society - is the success of employment rights.

licensed Professional Development in all areas of training and specialties NSU (the total licensed volume of training - 520 people annually).

Professional Development Specialists is carried out mainly on the orders of the mining companies and other institutions and organizations. As in previous years, IICO cooperates with many companies and organizations: JSC "DTEK Pavlogradugol" LLC "Sigma-Com," Management "Donbasspetsstroy" Enterprise "Donetsk Coal Energy Company", SE "Makeevugol", SE "Ordzhonikidzeugol" , SE "Torezantratsit", SE "Luganskugol", SE "Pervomayskugol", JSC "Lisichanskugol", SE "Donbasantratsit", SE "Anthracite", SE "Rovenkiantratsit", SE "Sverdlovantratsit", SE "Lvovugol", SE "Volyn coal "; GOAO" Mine "Hope", SE "Krasnoarmeisk-coal", SE "Selidovugol", SE "Coal Company" Krasnolimanskaya ", Dnipropetrovsk regional employment center.

long-term professional development (a term defined by region and customer within the range of 72 to 432 hours of training) is conducted for managers and leading specialists of mining and metallurgical industry in the direction 0501 "Economics and Entrepreneurship" (80 hours) and to temporarily unemployed with higher education in areas of "Business Administration, Management and Administration" (372 teaching hours).

Short-term training (up to 72 teaching hours) is the program of courses for managers and specialists of various companies institutions and organizations including - training and testing knowledge of labor protection.

Course training , subject matter and duration of which is determined by individual educational plans, conducted as a target for professional orientation and at the request of citizens applied forms of learning that are convenient for customers.

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