Dnipro University of Technology — Compliance with the Time

Dear boys and girls!

Congratulations and we hope that higher education you plan to get it in the State institution of higher education, "National Mining University." Preparatory Office of the State Universities "NSU" will help you not only to thoroughly prepare for the VNO, but gradually adapt to the challenging courses in high school. Indeed, students who have certain shortcomings in the preparation of basic disciplines, can not get a quality higher education in their chosen specialty. That is why it is important to thoroughly and comprehensively prepare for higher education.

We live in a century of active technology development, the total process automation and expansion of global communications, when particularly acute need for well-educated specialists with deep fundamental knowledge and ability to think innovatively. National Mining University has the status of research because of its main tasks in the educational process is the use of flexible education programs, advanced training and to ensure the participation of students in conducting scientific and technical research and then use the results in the production. University studies will provide you with not only theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the chosen profession, but also develop your dedication, responsibility, team work and achieve the goal. Our teachers are always ready to support an active talented young people who have bright ideas, willingness to participate in international training programs and present their ideas in various competitions. Years spent in the walls of the National Mining University, will give you high-quality high-level knowledge that will be a solid foundation for your further professional development.

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