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Dear applicants!

We offer you to get higher education in evening studying for 3-5 years (1 - 2 weekdays from 17:35 to 20:25 and Saturdays from 9:35 to 15:50).

Bachelor 4 years.

(Legal term) - on the basis of complete secondary education and certification of external testing in 2012 or 2008 ... in 2011 with the following points: ≥ 140 and ≥ 124 profile with other subjects or one subject <124, if subjects ≥ 170. There are entrance exams for public universities, "NSU" from July 29 to August 7, if the entrant is eligible. Applications for admission - to 7 August. Enrollment in State Universities "NSU" - until August 22.

Bachelor in 2 years.

(Short term) - on the basis of complete secondary education, the diploma of junior specialist and fellow direct admission to state universities "NSU" from the profession and Ukrainian. language for professional purposes. Entrance examinations - from 29 July to 7 August or during proforiyentatsiynyh competition (December 24, January 28, February 25, March 31 or April 28).

Training, master for 1 year.

- Based on the bachelor's degree in relevant field (for the special. Specific categories ** - bachelor's degree based on any direction) and admission to state universities "NSU" with foreign cur. language (for masters) and professional subjects. Applications for admission from 2 to 22 July. Entrance examinations from July 23 to August 5. Enrollment in State Universities "NSU" by 23 August.

Second higher education simultaneously in two directions and forms of education:

• with a rate based on complete general secondary education certificates and external testing - Bachelors in 4 years;

with a rate (in groups with short term training) based on complete secondary education diploma of junior specialist akin direction and admission of the State Universities "NSU" (enrollment in August) - Bachelor in 2 years;

with 2 or 3 courses on the basis of incomplete, basic or complete higher education in order to update the undergraduate students provided timely elimination of academic distinction (enrollment, usually in September) - Bachelors in 2-3 years;

a rate of 5 specialties for specific categories ** based bachelor's degree any direction and admission of the State Universities "NSU" (enrollment in August) - Master training for 1 year.

List of documents for entry:

Document on Education Supplement;

certificates of external testing in 2012 or 2008 ... in 2011 or a letter from the education and training student card;

medical certificate, Form 086-O;

6 color photos 3x4 cm;

a copy of the STA ID;

Copy of passport (1-2 pages and page of registration);

a contract for full reimbursement of expenses for training.

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