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externship at the legislative level is considered as a special form of training individuals (externally) for certain educational (educational qualification) level, which is defined by the Law of Ukraine "On Education", article 42 of the "Higher Education", Clause 3 - "Preparing professionals in higher education can be done with a margin of (internal), on the job (evening, extramural), through a combination of these forms, and in some specialties - externally. "


this form of training is reflected in the "Regulations on the organization of external studies at higher educational establishments of Ukraine" (approved by Decree of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine 08.12.95, 340. registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on 03.01.96, 1/1026). Lecture, practical, seminar or laboratory studies not used externally, but externally (at their request) can be given the opportunity to do both and do all other kinds of academic work (in accordance with the requirements of the curriculum), under the guidance of teachers.

The number of external students

specific area of training or degree is limited to 5% of the number of students on full-time education; externa learning on individual curricula that are based on current trends the Bachelor curriculum training (specialty). Eksternatnaya form of training is realized through self-study training courses.

Esternatna form of training in a State institution of higher education, "National Mining University" has been held since 1996. Analysis of external studies generally show that in recent years, demand for external training is increasing rapidly. This is evidenced by the growing year by year contingent externs, and the number of training courses for external students are being prepared.

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